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The Reflections Team

Shara Randall

Shara has been exposed to jewelry making and the jewelry business since she was very young. She learned design from her mother Carol helping string beads and exhibiting a natural instinct for color combinations early on. She made her first solo necklace when she was only six years old and hasn’t looked back since.

She now designs a line of silver jewelry that reflects her unique gift of combining form and color to produce an elegant result as well as creating custom wedding and fashion rings for customers in gold and platinum. Her design insights and knowledge of jewelry making have given her great success in pleasing even the most discriminating clients.

She often is able to take a piece of unwanted or outdated jewelry and turn it into a favorite new item for a customer. She continues to evolve and come up with amazing new creations that always give a fresh look to our jewelry cases.

Carol Randall

In 1973 our family moved to the state of New Mexico with that single jar of Turquoise and began to learn to make jewelry. Carol had made bead necklaces and earrings and had a background in arts and crafts from her multi-talented mother, Jean, that manifested in many forms.

While raising five children and maintaining a household that was always able to feed unexpected guests without problem, Carol created pendants strung on beads and earrings that became a part of our financial foundation at the time.

She has always provided inspiration for all our jewelry designs. Her designs in 22k gold are exceptional, inspired by many trips to India, and have been shown in some of the finest jewelry galleries in the US and beyond and featured on the cover of international jewelry magazines.

She has always had first pick of our vast selection of fine gems from around the world. Her eye for artist detail and technical excellence has led to the creation of heirloom jewelry to be enjoyed for generations.

Michael Randall

Starting with a jar of Turquoise I was given, which led to acquiring lapidary equipment, I began cutting and polishing stones to be used for our budding jewelry business that ultimately became a huge success. Working with Navajo silversmiths and exhibiting at trade shows we supplied retail jewelry stores nationwide with Turquoise and silver jewelry made by Native Americans.

I was lucky to be able to apprentice with a master jeweler for several years to learn ancient and modern techniques not known to all jewelers. Fine jewelry became my new focus.

Love of unique natural colored gems and gem cutting taught me how to select the best rough stones for creating fine finished gemstones for outstanding pieces of jewelry. Working with artisanal miners we gained a reputation for presenting new gem discoveries to the jewelry trade. We were soon selling our gems to other jewelry designers and manufacturers worldwide.

Having mostly retired from the wholesale gem business, we are able to offer to our customers at Reflections a vast selection of colored gemstones not available elsewhere.