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San Anselmo, CA 94960
Tel: (415) 454-8233
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What customers are saying
J. D.
I am a local and this store has been my go-to place for unique, creative, and affordable beautiful jewelry for decades.  The most difficult part of this experience is choosing just one item.  This is a family business and each customer is treated like family.  Shara is very attuned to each person, gently asking a few appropriate questions to match the perfect item to what you are seeking.  These pieces are not 'things' but gems that speak your heart like a wearable song. I would love to keep this place as a local secret, but that would not be in the spirit of Crystal Reflections.
Mark S.
I practically have to drag my girlfriend away from all the sparkle and gold. This is an incredible place with just about the coolest owners you'll ever meet. Friendly, creative, helpful and just downright talented. The daughter does a lot of the designs and she is super cool. Love this place for gifts. While they have some really pricey pieces that are gold,  many of the designs are also made in silver, so they are more affordable. This is a place I know I will find my girlfriend just the right piece of jewelry art.
Lily H.
All of my jewelry is from reflections! Their jewelry is gorgeous, all very high quality. My fiance bought my engagement from them--very unique and special. Everyone that works there is awesome, and the family that owns the store are so friendly and extremely helpful!
Jennifer R.
I have been going to Crystal Reflections (Reflections now) since the late 80's. They have a beautiful selection of unique (not cookie cutter) jewelry and amazing gems. My boyfriend had a custom platinum ring made there that they helped him design at a great price. People keep saying how expensive they are- if you compare with other jewelry stores, they are right in there. I was reminded about how awesome they are recently when I lost the screw back to my diamond earring studs. Shara was able to find one that fit and order in the white gold for me. She also repaired my own (not purchased from them) necklace at a VERY minimal fee. It's so nice, with all the businesses that come and go in Marin, to see them still in business and doing great. I will always go there first when buying jewelry.
Didi S.
I live in the northern end of Santa Rosa, and wouldn't think to go anywhere else for the most original, beautiful creations that Crystal Reflections offers to their customers.  My husband has been a customer for over 25 years, myself now for 12 years, and our soon to be 4year old adores her bracelets created by them. Shara and her staff go above and beyond to ensure every experience is special, and each customer, new or not, is treated with the same respect you would expect to receive...  All I can say is just to see for yourself......you'll fall in love with them as we did.
Jane E.
Reflections is wonderful. They were so warm and friendly and very knowledgeable. When I came in with many family jewelry pieces they spent the time with me to research and understand what we had in our family. They believe jewelry is part of the story of life and I couldn't agree more. It's not about value but about the memory that follows each piece. So true! They added a charm to my charm bracelet without charging me and said just keep coming in when you want to purchase jewelry. Little did they know that that charm was a memory of my bro who passed away to brain cancer late last year. They carried on his spirit! It's a fantastic small business and their customer service is outstanding. We are lucky you are here in San Anselmo. Thank you Reflections!
Luna B.
I love the jewelry very amazing stuff! I love that they are very unique and with all the products they carry you are bound to find something that will fit you. I loved everything I saw and the got exactly what I wanted. It also didn't break my pocket.
Megan N.
The most unique beautiful power jewelry you've ever seen. it's magical...The jewelry is fairly priced for the quality of the stones and settings and there are pieces from $30 - $3,000+. Please go and enjoy this lovely space.
Alison A.
It's a family business that's been in San Anselmo for a long time. They do beautiful, quality work of their own, or help to design your own and they will repair anything. They have done many things for me over the years, including an engagement ring that I treasure. I have never felt rushed or pressured to go over my budget. They really are great folks.
Sarah G.
Shara is awesome! I came in and she helped me take a meaningful stone that I had waited six years to find and turn it into a beautiful ring. Several other jewelers said it could not be done but Shara made it happen! She is a talented, great soul, committed to excellence and completely upfront. Anyone who writes otherwise is ignorant.
Joy S.
I have always loved Reflections. Years before I got married, I mentioned to a friend that someday I would get my ring there...It was a fantasy for me, that finally came true! The family who owns the store are the nicest and most helpful. the selection and beauty of everything is dazzling....and so artful and unusual~~ One must see this store to appreciate
Colleen S.
Dazzling array of gems and stones in creative and beautiful designs. You can look around this store for hours and see jewelry like nowhere else. They even carry elaborate mardi gras masks. Decisions are tough but with the owners and staff being some of the friendliest people in Marin you will never feel pressured.
Ann P.
An incredible jewelry store--beautiful, unique, classically timeless, ABSOLUTE QUALITY pieces at very good prices coupled with really helpful, professional and NICE customer service. Reflections is magical--you will see jewelry here unlike anything else and you will find something perfect. Very uplifting vibe. The sales people are extremely knowledgeable and very helpful regarding designing jewelry and repurposing your old stuff. They will protect you from doing something dumb that doesn't work. Can't say enough!!
Elisabeth C.
I've been a customer of this wonderful, artistic, creative family for 20 years, and my husband even longer. Their jewelry is gorgeous, and there is no better customer service in Marin. Shara is just wonderful. I want to laugh at the notion that Shara would laugh at a customer, or that she is capable of berating anyone. She is gentle and kind, and in fact, she has bent over backwards over the years to accommodate me, my husband, and my two daughters. I'll shop there as long as they have merchandise and open doors.
Kerry P.
I absolutely adore this jewelry store and all the lovely people that run this business. I have gotten so many beautiful special pieces . I was never really that into jewelry...(gold hoops and funky bracelets pretty much did it for me) but this has been a great place to learn - and I now can add lapis, tourmaline, carnelian, citrine (to name a few) to my repertoire. I always have so much fun stopping in to play... (leave plenty of time to take it all in.) Great for gifts - and the staff was super helpful in making suggestions. I've taken some of my old costume jewelry in as well to try to figure out how to bring it back to life. Highly recommend this store.
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